Aeries On the Bay Civic League

Welcome to the AOTB website. Please see the page links to the right for more information and to pay your annual dues. You should be aware that a sign referencing the existence of deed restrictions is displayed at the front entrance. Here’s what that means:

Restrictive Covenants:

This neighborhood was built in phases in the mid-80’s, the developer (Donald Moore) formed and recorded multiple documents declaring what could and could not be done with units at Aeries on the Bay. These are legally binding and The Aeries on the Bay Corporation was formed to enforce them. Upon completion, that corporation passed authority to enforce these deed restrictions to the Aeries on the Bay Civic League, who is now the ‘Declarant’ described in these documents. By moving into Aeries, you agree to relinquish some control of your property when it comes to issues of paint, exterior, and use. It’s not hard to notice that most (and it should be all) townhomes have the same paint color. This is one of the things dictated by these Restrictive Covenants We are not an HOA, but we have restrictive covenants like an HOA. You may not be aware of these covenants, there is no mandatory disclosure requirement, but they are in fact on your deed, they “run with the land” and would be disclosed if you had a title search when you bought your unit. Recent legal action and title searches undertaken by the Aeries on the Bay Civic League in 2020 reaffirms this. Voluntary dues are $20 per year and up to 9 residents can be on the Board of Directors. All who pay dues are members of the Civic League. In addition to enforcement, the Civic League publishes newsletters and has fund raisers such as pig and oyster roasts. Dues are used for common area maintenance, electric, and donations to the Food bank of VA, Ocean Park Fireworks, and the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Short Term Rentals:

Also note that the bylaws of Aeries on the Bay prohibits daily or weekly rentals. See Article 2 in the Restrictive Covenants. This applies to VRBO or Airbnb listings. A new, insidious trend has taken hold, the ‘underground’ short term rental. The owner makes personal deals with renters instead of using City monitored Airbnb or VRBO apps, then makes flimsy claims that they are extended family, infuriating neighbors. This suspected activity has been reported on Whooping Crance Circle for several years. Suspected illegal short-term rental activity can be reported to the City at 757-385-8074. We have been working with the City to address this issue. The City Council proposed banning all new Short term Rentals in Ocean Park (the community which Aeries is a part of) in 2020 and formally adopted that law in 2021. So, in 2022 we will be posting signage in the neighborhood and could be placing flyers on any car windshield at any suspected STR, informing them they are staying here illegally. Do yourself a favor: Don’t buy in Aeries if you are looking for an STR investment property. Better yet, buy into Aeries to live here, it’s a great community!

Decks and Renovations:

In 2020, several neighbors have planned or started construction on replacement decks. After a collapse in 2018, we encourage residents to make sure their decks are safe, and repair or replace as needed. However, no upstairs deck can extend beyond the party wall! It’s a privacy issue for your neighbors (Who wants folks peering into your living room from an extended deck?) and a City Code issue. If your deck extends beyond the party walls it will be flagged. City Code inspectors will be sent to your house. Certain decks in certain end units will need to get a zoning variance if they convert to wood stairs (which is allowed) since new setbacks from the public right-of way are in place. You can avoid confusion by first getting a City permit before you begin any expensive project on your unit or yard! Typically we approve projects that meet City approval and maintain ‘the spirit of Aeries’

Contact us at


There is one specific “Aeries” fence allowed, which has the flat 6′ boards and spindles. All fences must conform to this design.


Is parking an issue you are having problems with? If your driveway is blocked or cars are improperly parked, dial the police non-emergency number at 385-5000.


Need to notify us about something? Would you want to attend a Board of Directors meeting? We typically have them every few months. To present an issue or to attend, Send messages to Minutes for our meetings are posted on this webpage.


Finally, this is a high-density neighborhood. Please be aware that noise from parties, power tools, lawn care, and home repair can be a nuisance to your neighbors. No loud outdoor music after midnight on weekends. Please be considerate of when power tools are used outdoors, especially on weekends. ┬áContrary to what is popularly believed, there is no cut and dry noise ordinance in Virginia Beach, it is just the decibels heard in a room, 4 feet from closed windows, and it has to be over a certain threshold at night, which is over 65dbm, about the sound level of people talking. You might want to consider having a fan or air purifier (or both) in your bedroom, office or living room. It will provide a ‘white noise’ that can make living in a high-density neighborhood less stressful, and keep everything but the loudest (and illegal) noise from being heard.

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