Aeries On the Bay Civic League

Welcome to the AOTB website. Please see the page links to the right for more information and to pay your annual dues. You should be aware that a sign referencing the existence of deed restrictions is displayed at the front entrance. Here’s what that means:

When the neighborhood was built in the mid-80’s, the developer formed and recorded multiple documents declaring what could and could not be done with units at Aries on the Bay. These are legally binding. Upon completion, that authority was passed to the Aeries on the Bay Civic League, who is now the ‘Declarant’ described in these documents. It’s not hard to notice that most (and it should be all) townhomes have the same paint color. This is one of the things dictated by these Restrictive Covenants We are not an HOA, but we have restrictive covenants like an HOA and you signed an acknowledgement that these special rules exist- and you must abide by them- when you closed on your unit. Voluntary dues are $20 per year and up to 9 residents can be on the Board of Directors.

Also note that the bylaws of Aeries on the Bay prohibits daily or weekly rentals. See Article 2 in the Restrictive Covenants. This applies to VBRO or Air BnB listings. Also, please check the “Resident Fact Sheets” to get a synopsis of the deed restrictions, which limit exterior paint, fences,¬†and siding to the approved colors and materials. In Summer 2019 we see several units with white, black, or other unapproved trim. Only Aeries Beige and Moron Brown paint color is allowed; doors can be any complementary color.

Is parking an issue you are having problems with? If your driveway is blocked or cars are improperly parked, dial the police non-emergency number at 385-5000. There are no ‘arrangements’ between owners and tenants regarding parking, the signs are legal and can be enforced at any time.

Also note: No subdivision of any parcel is allowed, no ‘mother-in-law’ suites, no stand alone structures adding residential floor space is allowed. Before you begin a massive construction project it is best you submit plans to The Restrictive Covenants dictate what can be built on any property and ANY changes, additions, or structures must get pre-approval! We reserve the right to go to court to stop such projects even if they meet zoning and City inspections. Have your contractor read these covenants IN THEIR ENTIRETY! Do not invest money into a project that could expose you to future judgments. We reserve the right to act (or not) solely at our discretion, as stated in the Restrictive Covenants.

Need to notify us about something? Would you want to attend a Board of Directors meeting? We typically have them every few months. To present an issue or to attend, Send messages to Minutes for our meetings are posted on this webpage.

Join us on Facebook at the Aeries on the Bay Civic League page

Also, join Ocean Park and AOTB on

2019 Aeries on the Bay

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